Salesforce E-Commerce Cloud

Salesforce could soon introduce a brand new Cloud to it’s wide variety of growing cloud platforms.  We already know, during Dreamforce 2015, Salesforce introduced a new cloud, IoT Cloud to its feathers.

Today (June 2016), with the acquisition of a Twelve-year-old company Demandware which provides an enterprise-class cloud commerce development platform, Salesforce would soon step into an area which it has never touched before “E-Commerce”!  Demandware’s front line product is Demandware Commerce Cloud, a digital commerce platform that enables customers to build and execute complex digital commerce applications.

“This  acquisition creates a new product line for Salesforce and will allow us to create yet another billion-dollar cloud.”

– CEO and founder Marc Benioff

The functionality Demandware brings to Salesforce is strategic in its continued competition with companies such as SAP and Oracle. Neither of those two companies has a B2C e-commerce-type offering.

With this Salesforce would meet the rising demand for software that helps manage functions such as payment processing and inventory management.



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