Use Trailhead to get Salesforce Admin Certified

Looking to get Salesforce Certified, and wondering where to start the preparation?  There are Study Guides for Salesforce Certification but they only talk about the topics the certification covers and their corresponding weight-age of each topic.

And then there is Trailhead – The fun way to learn Salesforce.  But how can we connect these both, the “Study Guides” and “Trailhead” to get certified.

Here it is – For almost every topic in the study guide, there is a corresponding Trailhead trail/module in trailhead.  (Not 100% though but almost there!)  Awesome!  You can definitely use trailhead to get certified.

For comparison, below image has the Salesforce Administrator Certification  Study Guide (ADM 201) topics on the left and the right side shows the corresponding Trailhead Trails.  There you go!  Almost all of the study guide topics have a related trail/module in trailhead!


Similarly for Advanced Administrator Certification (ADM 211)


And then the Platform App Builder study guide.

  • Business Logic and Process Automation Process Automation
  • User Interface UI Customization


Why wait, just head on to trail head, use the above image for your reference and knock off the trails and then the certification.  Cheers! All the best!


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