Path to Platform Developer II

The path to Platform Developer II certification has changed and it now consists of two parts:

  • A multiple-choice exam in Webassessor (similar to other certifications) AND
  • 4 Trailhead Superbadges.

All four of the Superbadges are available today on Trailhead:

  1. Apex Specialist,
  2. Data Integration Specialist,
  3. Lightning Component Framework Specialist, and
  4. Advanced Apex Specialist

Why Change

Before the trailhead Superbadges, there was “programmatic assignments” given by Salesforce to complete.  And all the solutions were manually checked by Salesforce which is quite tedious and time-consuming!  Now it is all automated, trailhead takes care of all that.  It makes sense to be automated!


Salesforce will bring all the certifications registration into trailhead – all salesforce learning and certification in one place!


But this change has got mixed reaction from the community.  Few say it is easier to get the trailhead Superbadges than programmatic assignments.  Others say the change is good as it is automated and the results are instant.

Superbadges Order

The first three Superbadges can be taken in any order, and completing all three unlocks the fourth Superbadge, Advanced Apex Specialist.  The multiple-choice exam in Webassesor can be taken at any time.


Platform Developer I is a prerequisite to PDII and must be earned prior to taking the Platform Developer II multiple-choice exam.

Link Trailhead and Webassesor

You must link your Trailhead and Webassessor accounts so that Webassessor knows that you have completed the trailhead Superbadges.  Click here for details on the process for linking your accounts.


  • The process to earn PDII allows you to complete the requirements at your own pace without any deadlines.
  • Once you’ve successfully linked your accounts, and you’ve completed all requirements for PDII, Salesforce will grant you the credential within 1 week.

Existing PDII Certification Holders

The changes to the certification process has no impact to existing PDII credential holders


While the multiple-choice exam cost is 200USD, all Trailhead content is currently free!


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